The Reader’s Survey


A favourite camera rumours forum that I follow has run a reader’s questionnaire on what lenses the favoured company should make. Results are listed in the prime, zoom, and overall categories.

Some of the suggestion are sensible – some ludicrous. You get that with any hobby subject. The real enthusiasts who have experience with the subject know what is actually possible. They should – they have been using the company’s products and have found them effective enough to continue up to now.

Which means they have succeeded with what they have…and postulating some pie-in-the-optical-sky new lens will probably not make better images for them…or I should say help them to make better images. They can do that now.

The rumour site says that it is not affiliated with the parent company…that the author is a lone school teacher doing all the design and publishing work himself. I think that this is true, but I also suspect that it is an internet address that gets a daily going-over by several levels of the company involved. If it can indeed draw real opinion from the people already interested in the camera system, that opinion can save the design and business planners in Japan a great deal of speculation time. I often wonder if the site’s daily posting is used as a lever in staff planning meetings to actually steer any R&D.

As far as surveys that hit you on the other social media platforms…the FaceTwit sort of thing…these are nothing more than statistical scams designed to target you for more of the same advertising. And unlike the optical designs from the camera company, they will do you no good.



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