Forumtography – Mom’s Basement Broadcasts To The World


Note: Western Australian houses are built on sand – they rarely have basements. Local readers should substitute ” Mum’s Spare Bedroom” for ” Mom’s Basement “. Otherwise, this essay may be read everywhere with equal force…

The forum writers are into it again. Fujifilm has just released a new camera for sale and the writers claim to have gotten their hands on it. It’s been less than a week and already we have reports of:

a. Supposed faults. Apertures behaving in an unaccountable manner. This was countered by people on the forums pointing out that other cameras from the same maker also did exactly the same thing…suggesting that it was a deliberate design feature.

b. Supposed failings. The suggestion was made that the R&D department was using the clients as a substitute for design. Sneering and suspicion seem to be the lingua franca of the fan-forum…

c. Some sort of financial scandal. This was hinted at…how dare the makers decide to sell something at a certain price when the buyer wants to pay less…?

The voice of ” Mom’s Basement ” ( or ” Mum’s Spare Bedroom ” ), echoes through the land. People – most of them men or a close approximation thereof – with some communication skills but no audience – basking in the instant glory of a complaint. Sort of like Ken Rockwell Lites. Importance by forum.

Bah. I actually trialled the new equipment in question last week in my studio. I compared it to the old version, and that was a valid point of view. I can say what it did or didn’t do for me, but as I am not other people using it, I have no idea whether or not it will be what they want or need. I will certainly not try to second-guess the Fujifilm designers and cry out that it does not do ruffled hems or brew beer.

I leave that to the fan forums. And their Mums.





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