Enter Stage Left, Right, and Centre…

Now I know why I love the studio – it has doors that you can shut from the inside.

A recent evening was spent taking pictures of a very good professional model and dancer out in the open air. It’s early autumn in Perth and the nights are warm and pleasant. We selected the South Perth foreshore as the place to try the poses as we would have the lighted city skyline in the background. There were to be dancer’s wings, fans, and veils and a new repeating flashgun.

What we did not realise was that we would also have the entire population of the Indian subcontinent out for a stroll as well in between the dancer and the water.

I have seen traffic on Los Angeles freeways at 5:00 PM that was lighter. And it would probably have been safer to dart across the 16-lane than to cross the footpath along the Swan River. The shoot was successful, but had to be held in an interrupted staccato fashion as we waited for the next regiment of walkers to clear the set. I am sure that at one point I saw the Donner party…

It became a matter of delicate timing – like landing aircraft at Idlewild. Here comes another, wait wait wait…Now!

I realise now that the ease of access and timing meant that we were always going to get a stream of gawkers. The next outdoor shoot may have to be held in Meekatharra or over the horizon out past the 12-mile limit. Even then I am betting on dolphin.


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