You Don’t Have Permission For That

” You don’t have permission for that. ”

Had I been asking whether I could fire a round of double canister down the Hay Street Mall at lunchtime or remove the doors from the Mandurah train and throw them into the scrub, I could understand the answer. As I was trying to view a JPEG image of a mountain lion taken in Calgary Zoo, the refusal seems a little mean. And pointless.

The original article that contained the images was written by a man testing out a Fujifilm lens at Calgary Zoo. He liked it for some things, disliked it for others. He’d taken a number of illustrative pictures of the zoo animals  to show the performance of the lens. Upon trying to view one…I got the answer.

I suppose it is all an effort to make me sign up to some forum membership or to open my computer to yet more advertising. Perhaps to allow some faceless administrator to inspect me and see that I am not horrible. Quite frankly, for the chance to see a mountain lion – which I have seen before – in Calgary Zoo – where I have been before – with a lens that I have used for professional work before – I refuse to sign myself over to more irritation. The Fuji X users forum can go to another place and do another thing…and if they are worried about the transportation, I should be delighted to contribute to the cost of a handbasket to take them there.

And I don’t mean to Calgary.


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