Natural Light And Unnatural Poses

Is it just me or are we locked in a time warp? I’ve just seen the music page of the daily paper with the reviews of new CD albums – and the cover photos look like they were taken in the 1970’s and 80’s – yet they are new pop singers.

We have the same 4-8 musicians ranged out the front of a piece of urban decay with scowls on their faces. Presumably the discomfort is caused by the poses, because they are painfully unnatural. Either that or the poor things are aflicted with deformities…and no further comment could decently be made.

It’s possible that their expressions indicate that they have listened to the music on the CD themselves – and that should be taken as fair warning for the clients of the record store. Or they are poor, hungry, and diseased – the state of their clothing, hair, and nails would tend to back this up. Let us hope that the promotion is successful – if they sell some of the CD’s they might be able to afford barbers and soap.

Turning from the new music promotion to the concert reports I see a picture of a Dutchman named André Rieu who will be playing a violin for the audience and the audience for suckers all over the world. He is the polar opposite of he grunge group – be-tailled and coiffed like a prince, with a vast smile leering out over his violin. It is a memorable sight – the last time I saw anything with that imposing a grill was a 60’s Oldsmobile. With Liberace inside.

I’ll give him credit – though I doubt if his booking agents would reciprocate – he does seem to play a lot of concerts. Poland, Denmark, Hungary, and many more. South America seems to be on the list, and from some of the internet ticket sites, here in Australia. But when you try to specifically find a booking for Australia they all slide off into silence. I think I am just going to put my money into lawyer’s fees to recover my Nigerian legacy and let it go at that.



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