Don’t Be Afraid To…

Don’t be afraid to ignore the fan-site and commercial-site hype regarding new photographic equipment. It is out on the internet for one purpose; to get you to spend money. In most cases this is for equipment to replace stuff you already have – stuff you already have paid for.

Do it if you want…it’s your money…but remember that after you spend it it’s not your money any more. And whatever you have bought will only be new and glorious for a very short period of time before the advertisers and the urgers try to make you feel inadequate for owning it.

Case in point is the new version of a camera that I own. It is definitely better at doing things than the old model, but the better is at a cost of 2 x the price of the original. As the original does what I what to do, and has long been paid for, it has a better claim on my affections than anything new. I’m not being a Nollekins – I’m getting value. See the heading image taken at 6400 ISO with the onboard flash – that’s all I need.

In case you are wondering, it is going to be the front gate of The Goldfisch Studio in Hollywood. The lead block is made up of melted musket balls and the slice of railway track is what I use as a mini anvil. I am planning to use miniature palm trees.


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