We Only Allow Muted Colours For Tasteful Images…

Oh, yeah…muted colours at a car show. At a hot rod or enthusiast car show. At a show where people who collect and restore classics are keen to show their beloved babies off to the public. Let’s ignore the 15 coats of colour lacquer on a car and just turn the saturation down to 1.5. Or apply 16 Instagram filters to the file. I’m sure the owners will regard this as way tasteful…

I am not blind – either to colours or other things. And I can tell that the owners of veteran, vintage, and classic cars are not blind either. Thank goodness they paint most of their vehicles with an eye to colourful fun rather than the grey/black social power colours of the same-same SUVs that roll out of the agencies’ showrooms.

And I don’t own Fujifilm cameras with great film simulation plus a bran-new Fujifilm EF-X500 flash to make a washed-out grunge of good colour. Not on a sunny morning in Perth. I want to make the retinas smile.


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