Greetings From…

I am in search of something and I hope the readership will be able to put me onto it.

I want a double-sided card stock in small sizes that can be printed in an Epson inkjet printer. I want to make postcards and send them to people in the mail.

That may seem like a dull and boring way to communicate – suited more to the 1900’s than the 2000’s. After all, a press of the “send” button on this computer lets me get in touch with people all over the world in a few seconds. Why pay for card stock, ink, computer electricity, and postage just to write a few holiday words to someone?

Because I intend to go on vacation all over my Little World in many periods of time and I want to send souvenirs to my friends. it might make some of them jealous, or angry, or confused…and isn’t that what postage is for?

The average piece of inkjet paper won’t do it. Even the double-sided matt paper is hardly more than 250-280 gsm and that is way too floppy for postcards. I need a stiff card. If you know of one, tell me.

If you include a postal address you might even get a saucy card…


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