Once More Into the Glitter

Dance Show day again today. A Hafla dance for a good cause, and held at an attractive venue not too far from home.

The camera batteries are charged – the bodies are set – the lenses cleaned – and it should all go splendidly if I can get a clear view of the stage.The new flash gun works a treat and as the venue is close-coupled, it should be possible to attach it to a light stand and set a fixed output for the evening.

This means it will not have to fire a pre-measurement TTL flash and then a second exposing shot. The camera will not have to do any calculations in the intervening nanoseconds. I am hoping that the focus can be set for the main lens and not changed as the dances go on – thus obviating the time needed to hunt with an autofocus. The camera has an optical viewfinder as well as electronic one – if the optical one will suffice I can shoot with no time lag. If, if, if…

The really big if is if I can finally figure out a way to get the dance pictures to the dancers after the event. It’s generally not a commercial thing with me – and in particular for this charity affair I make no charges. But it would seem that heretofore the distribution system for the CD’s and DVD’s has fallen somewhat behind. On several occasions lately I have had dancers compliment me on pictures they have seen on Facebook but complain that they’ve never seen the results of dance shows from several years back. I must remedy this supply fault in future.

I’m going to have the Mistress of Ceremonies make an announcement for me:  I will be making a CD souvenir of the show, with my best photos on it.  It will be free to anyone who requests a copy. They may use the images they find on it for their own personal social postings, and all I ask is a credit. As it will be a gift, I hope people will treat the images on it with respect.

Hopefully this will let people see their own performances from the audience’s perspective and give them a good memento of the night. And hopefully there will be no distress created about who sees the pictures where and when.


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