The Big Expense Vs The Expensive Big

I am going to have to come to it eventually – the company that makes the cameras and lenses that I use has issued a large and expensive new camera system that is the darling of the trade and art…and I am going to have to notice it professionally sooner or later.

The shop I write for has several of them in stock, and as many of the lenses as they make. They can be had as a purchase for the price of a small sedan car, or rental at the price of a Perth hotel hamburger and pint of beer. I am hoping that when I illustrate it and write about it that I can have it for the price of wheedling and pleading. I do a great wheedle.

But I am not in a hurry. It is not because the devices are bad, or impossible to operate, or unattractive – they are none of those things. In fact, there is a good chance that the thing will sweep the board in the particular class of camera it occupies – and it may sweep away a couple of competitors. Impressive stuff, if other writers are to be believed.

But, what do I say about it? It is far and away more expensive than ever I would contemplate, and does photographs that I would never need. It bears as much relationship to my photographic life as a Lamborghini would to my driving. What I do, it would do well, but not as well for me as the more modest offerings from the same firm.

Well, I am going to have to come up with an angle somehow, and I suspect that this is exactly the same position most other writers are in. Perhaps I can introduce sex, politics, or religion into the piece and cloud the waters. Smoke, mirrors, murky liquids and loud noises. If I do it badly enough they may never trust me with another and my problem is solved.


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