The ANZAC Camera – A Marketing Miss?

Anzac Day is coming again this year and I see a number of my acquaintances are going to participate in commemoration ceremonies and marches. Some of them will do so in authentic uniforms of the 1914 – 1918 period. It has become a feature of these events since 2014 and has made them quite interesting.

Of course the national military day of remembrance has importance and interest apart from the appearance of the re-enactors and enthusiasts, but you have to hand it to them for their expertise in fleshing out the appearance of the thing.

And yet…all the images are taken with modern cameras. No-one has produced a replica of an original to cash in on the anniversaries. If you think this is a silly thing to say, remember that they merchandise the day with stamps, coins, lunch boxes, tins of biscuits, and teddy bears. That is probably only part of the selling that goes on. It is a pity that an enterprising camera maker has not tricked out one of their increasingly unsalable compact cameras as an ANZAC special and waved the flag.

Think about it. A digital camera that looked like a Box Brownie would need only one lens and it would not have to zoom. There would be tiny LCD finders on the top and side that you peered at, and the exposure and focusing would be all automatic anyway. There is enough space in a Box Brownie outline to take a large battery so you would not need to carry spares. And it would probably produce as good a picture as any compact camera. Certainly as good as a Box Brownie.

Well, I’d buy one in a second…and so, I suspect, would all the hipsters…or the heavily armed… in the country.


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