The Policemen Are Getting Younger

I called at the shop I once worked at to pick up some lenses for illustration. They look to be beauties and I am glad that I don’t have any excuse to get new glass – I can be nice about them without igniting a gnawing desire to own them.

The visit was a little startling from one point of view. They are in a hiring mood down there and have taken on new junior staff as part-timers. They look to be bright, sound, knowledgable, and all of twelve years old. I hope the crustier customers do not take advantage of them too much – though I can mentally predict which ones will make nuisances of themselves in an effort to drive prices down.

How they will cope with staff meetings is another thing – they may not have had the experience before unless they were on the Notre Dame football team under Knute Rockne or played baseball with Leo Durocher.

I think they are going to be lucky later in the year in getting to use a new point-of-sale operating system on the computers. There may be less moaning at the bar in the future. I am going to wait until it is up and running and then make a pre-paid backordered layby with several delivery dates and those little paper decorations they used to put on lamb chops. I will cancel, re-instate, and retro-discount everything on the order until the cash drawer on the till breaks.

I don’t have a cruel streak. It is a wide band, and about five inches thick at the waterline.


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