The Interior Lenshood

You all put lens hoods on your cameras, don’t you? You get a new camera with a new lens and make sure that you either get a lens hood for it in the box or buy the appropriate one at the time of the initial purchase. Right? Oops…

Sorry, I just had a fit of the giggles there and had to go change clothes…

I saw some pretty silly things in my retail trade days, but the most foolish was the habit of Nikon and Canon…and a few other culprits…of selling kit lenses with no lens hood. And making it a major feat of imagination or research to discover which hood was actually supposed to match which lens. We sent out hundreds of hopefuls into the sun with nothing to protect the lenses from flair and sunspots. I daresay¬†many of them never knew that their pictures could be better.

So many do not realise that the lens hood is also a good thing inside. They think it is just a sun shade…never realising that stray light coming from flashes, floodlights, and windows can make as many inroads into contrast and saturation as the sun can. I get funny looks most times when I clap the flower-petal lens hood on the 18-135 Fujifilm zoom lens for dance shows at an indoor venue. But I know that I will be using an off-camera flash and may well flare over onto my lens as I move about – not to mention what I might pick up from venue lighting or other shooters in the crowd. It’s not foolproof – I managed to flashover myself at the dance last Saturday in a couple of shots when I had to turn toward the audience.

I’m somewhat annoyed that Fujifilm hasn’t seen fit to provide a lens hood for the 27mm pancake lens. But I keep my eye out at old shops for a suitable 39mm folding rubber one. It might look old-fashioned but then that also applies to the rest of my wardrobe!



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