The Problem Is To Realise What The Problem Is

I took pictures of the new Hollywood miniature set in my Little Studio recently and had a problem. It was not one that had bothered me before, but made a nuisance of itself all afternoon:

When I went to check focus on part of the miniature set by turning the manual focusing ring on one of the Fujifilm lenses. the camera would leap into the “focus assist” mode and show me an enlarged picture of the little rectangle that is normally the AF point. Sometimes this wasn’t at all in the position I was trying to check – causing me to have to go into the menu of the camera through the AF setting and shift the point. Not a big deal for some, But I have a setup that depends upon not moving the camera and lens by a fraction of a millimetre and any extra button pushing risks misalinging things.

It only occurred when I used the Fujifilm lens – when I went back to the Tokina 35mm f:2.8 macro lens on an FX mount adapter I could focus to my hearts content without triggering the enlargement. Of course, when I needed it, I just pressed the back control wheel in and there it was…but I need not have it for each movement of the focus ring.

Fortunately I am only stupid in the afternoons – this morning I grabbed the Fujifilm X-T10 manual off the shelf and looked up exactly what I had been doing. And discovered that the lenses’ irksome behaviour is something that I had ordered up from the menu under focus-assist. And I could as easily tell the camera to stop doing this by turning it off. Three button presses and it was cured.

I wish I could cure all my follies with three button presses…


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