If I Don’t Listen To Myself, I Can’t Hear Me

I have a curse. It is not big horrible doom or even tragic romance – it is just a small grey dusty curse. Some days it hangs over me and some days it just lies on the side table amongst the cough lozenges and spare change.

It is the curse of memory. Not of remembering bus schedules or people’s birthdays – more the business of remembering what I have said in the past. And I can’t tell you whether it is better to have been right or wrong.

This thought is brought to you by a couple of recent purchases I have made over the internet – in both cases from a cheerful company trading out of Sydney but shipping out of China. I ordered adapters for my Fujifilm X-series cameras to allow them to shoot Leica 39mm screw-mount lenses and also M42 screw-mount Pentax lenses. The adapters were sold with no shipping charge and at a very reasonable price.

The thing I remember is myself telling customers in the shop that adapting other manufacturers lenses to a mirror-less camera was a foolish exercise. That it would do no good. That the lenses would not perform well and would be difficult to use. I have come to realise that I was just parroting something I had read…possibly from the toxic Mr Rockwell…and that the adapters are a very good thing.

Of course I should have twigged to this when I got my first one in Tokyo three years ago. I clapped my Tokina macro lens on it and have been shooting studio work with the combo ever since to my entire satisfaction. The clients have been paying too.

The new adapters were purchased in response to finding a stash of old film lenses in a cupboard. Three screw-mount M42 and one L39.They all mate perfectly to the X-series and while one of the M42 is just cooking quality, the others are excellent. The L39 is a Russian lens and is every bit as sharp as the proprietary glass. Lousy mount, mind, but that is what you expect.

Essentially, I have gained four new prime lenses for under $50 Australian. I can afford to leave three of them at the studio with the studio body and not have to haul anything back and forth for daily shooting except the memory card.

Well, perhaps THAT is a cause for celebration…I won’t be cursed by forgetting anything again.


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