It’s Not A Plot, Because…

Because the major camera makers have lost the plot. They had it up to four years ago and then they put it down somewhere in the house…and no-one can find it since. I reckon it is either out in the shed or someone threw it out with the chicken scraps and no-one wants to admit it.

I am confirmed in this view by a new advertisement from one of them that promises money to professional photographers to think up something new. The thing is couched in inspiring new art-speak, but it really amounts to a desperate plea for someone to re-invigorate their flagging big camera sales. We’ve had a number of touchy-feely sponsorships from this firm over the past 3 years with the creation of experts, masters, mentors, and inspirational promoters left, right, and centre. They’ve done alright out of it, with free gear, trips, and publicity. Whether this has been reflected in increased sales is doubtful – the two big makers make more of the same as before while the fickle buying public desert them for mirror-less systems and mobile phones.

Let’s face it, folks. If the big manufacturers can’t think of what to use the goods they make for, it’s going to be pretty random asking everyone else to invent excuses. They will get more loony ideas than you could shake a cable release at and then they will have to try to sell these to us. There’ll be a thick interlarding of social concern and true art, but in reality the people who enter their contest just want free stuff.

Maybe if they gave out free stuff to the clients straight off they’d get more interest…Or maybe if they made either a good mirror-less or a good medium format camera. But the chance of that…



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  1. As a relative newcomer to photography I appreciate your witty wisdom gained from a lifetime of experience. My bet is the plot definitely ended up with the chooks.

    • The company I was writing about is staffed by nice people and I did not want to sound too cynical, but I do remember one of their promotions that brought a structure of bent tubing and canvas into the shop. It allowed the visitor to sit on a revolving stool in the center and spin around to see a picture. It was like a training mount for a top-turret gunner on a B-29. Filled up most of the spare space in front of their rival’s display stand, which I suspect was the main idea. They are an innovative lot when they want to be, but sometimes their innovation suggests late night brainstorming sessions with the cork out.

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