The Grey Ghosts Of The Camera World

Being the weblog columnist for my old camera shop has a number of advantages – it lets me attend promotional nights for new equipment with a unique position somewhere between that of a staff member and a potential customer. I can raid the beer and snack trays freely and as long as I get a couple of shots of the new product and of the industry rep who is shilling for it, everyone is happy.

It also lets me take home new gear to illustrate and to develop a column about. I cannot pretend to great technical expertise but then that side of it is handled by DP Review, DxO, and all the rest. My ideas are not going to be those of a new-age wedding shooter, or a sports professional, or a fashion photographer. Here again there are any number of writers who are just these people and can do those aspects far better than I…and readers would be far better advised to read them than me.

But I can see, feel, and speculate about the equipment, and when it can be used for my own interests or specialities – tabletop photography and historic re-creation – I do have a valid point of view. I’m afraid that the readers probably grow weary of these same things but at least if their interests are close to mine in any sense such as macro and closeup work or costume shots they can extrapolate from my results.

I suspect that there are a lot of other people of my age out there who would also be wise to start writing down what they know. I encourage it whenever the topic of photography comes up as the WordPress system is easy enough to allow anyone with a story to tell it effectively. Unfortunately people are often too shy to attempt this. They think that their writing style won’t work or their spelling will make them look like fools. Pish…I can look like a fool after the spellchecker has made me retype half the page. It is a gift…

One thing that potential weblog columnists need to realise is that good stories are EVERYWHERE. All you need to do is keep eyes and ears open all day and you will be handed topics, phrases, words, and ideas for free from all around you. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Like the freebie night at the camera shop. Snag something off of every tray that comes past – if it turns out to be awful you can always spit it into a potted palm…or someone else’s palm…

Heading Image: another Grey Ghost of the camera world – the new graphite Fujifilm X-Pro2.


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