Hire An Expert

If you have a house that is falling down you ring up and hire an expert; whether they are repairers or demolition crews you just point them toward the pile and stand back. You are spared the work and absolved of the responsibility. It only becomes your business when the invoice flutters through the letter slot onto the door mat.

Likewise in the photo game. If you need wedding pictures you ring up a wedding photographer. If you need real estate shots you ring up a real estate shooter. If you need iconic game changing award-winning internationally stupendous cutting edge art for your bratwurst stand advertisements you ring up someone who likes taking pictures of smallgoods.

A point: be careful how you tender for that contract. ” Show us your sausage. ” seems a straightforward request, but you may not meet the kind of people who you really want to know…

How do you find expertise in the photo business? It seems to fall in three categories:

a. Consult a professional directory with portfolios and juried presentations. Make a chart of key points.

b. Interview candidates after accepting submissions from a multitude of professional studios. Have a board meeting.

c. Ask your cousin.

Your success in finding who you want to do what you want, when you want it, depends also on you knowing what you want – and being able to pay for it. If you lack either knowledge or money you are going to get nothing. And you are going to deserve it.

The message today? Get your own house/mind/finances/underwear in order before you start to look round for someone to come in and be the artistic saviour of the day. You may not need to be saved if you are not in trouble. Give the expert a clear job to do and occupy yourself in gathering their fee rather than changing your mind or finding fault with them.

This post was prompted by reading about what goes on in professional graphic design studios when the front door is not locked and the client can get in…


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