The Simplest Song I Could Sing

I went to the plastic model expo yesterday and decided to test out the theory that I know what I am doing.

Stop laughing. It’s undignified…

No, really I did. I decided to take the Fujifilm X-T10 camera – the one that makes me look like a tourist – and not even use a zoom lens or an extra flash gun. I determined to depend upon only the resources of the camera and the 27mm pancake Fujinon lens. It was a test run for a visit to Sydney in a week – I wanted to see if travelling light would seriously impact the images. Better to find out now at a local show than all the way across the continent with no access to the gear cupboard.

It is not that I do not own the extra equipment and have the multiple choices – There are 5 Fujifilm bodies to choose from and at least 6 lenses. But I will be flying and walking and I don’t want to do it with the weight of the ( photographic ) world on my shoulders. I know what I want the images for – the weblog column illustrations – and I know what size I want – 1200 px by 800 px @96 px per inch. I can do that with the tourist camera…maybe?

Here are the results.





Trams: Image at the top.

Aaaaand even though I did take a separate flash for a backup, the exposures were taken with the on-board flash or pure available light and the big flash stayed in the shoulder bag. I was adventurous with the ISO, but not so with the white balance – the Fujifilm computer seems to have done a good job of it, and where there was a little subjective trouble, the RAW data yielded to changes gracefully. The grainiest pictures also smoothed down under NIK software’s Dfine2 program.

I am going to take the X-T10, two lenses ( One is necessary because of the close quaters at the hot rod show. ) and the lightest of the extra flashes, but I shall not hesitate to leave that in the suitcase at every opportunity. The tourist camera looks like it will free me from a lot of technicality and return some fun to my photo expeditions.

Note that I did dress as dorkily as I could at the expo.  If you are going to be a tourist you have to do it right. No good looking intelligent.




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