The Collapsible Lens For the Rigid Photographer


You never really know what you are missing until it goes. I say this because I have long regretted changing away from my second 35mm camera and the lens that was mounted on it.

As with so much of the equipment that has passed through my hands in the last 50 years, it was secondhand. I’d managed to shoot my way through the cloth shutter and the exposure counter of my first camera – a Pentax Sv – and worked in a camera store long enough to know the value of the Leica. When one was made redundant from their studio’s wedding stock I bought it with a collapsible 50mm f:2.8 Elmar and went on from there. If I had any brains then I would have not bought any more lenses, cameras, accessories, or cases from that day to this and might well be another Cartier-Bresson. As it is, I’m developing his hairstyle…

But I didn’t and I’m not, and at some damn fool juncture I traded that M2 and lens away. Had I kept it, I could have clapped it on a modern M10 and sailed away into the sunset again.

Quite frankly, I wish that Fujifilm would make a collapsible Fujinon. 32mm for preference, and if they needed to reduce the size, I could agree to f:2.8. It is the comfortable size of the thing rather than aperture that I want…and if they were to attach a Leica-esque focusing lever I would be delighted. with a silver X-E2s it would be like having the old M2 back again.

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