A Feed And A Feature*

After Hunt Ng revamped the Camera Electronic website he was tasked with doing the same to their weblog column. In doing so he shifted us over to WordPress, and I am delighted that he did. He explained the meaning of the “Featured Image” line down on the right hand side and has made the  appearance of this blog and my other general column look so much better – but it has uncovered a new design requirement for me.

I now need to shoot my image for the feature on this blog in a 29:16 ratio…anything else gets cropped into limbo. Fortunately the 29:16 ratio divides out to 1.81 and the 16:9 ratio comes to 1.77.

All I need to do is remember to turn my camera to 16:9 in the JPEGs and give the composition a little air and it will slot in well. And the RAW form will be available for fiddling with later.

Now I need to show up at Hunt’s place with a carton of VB and get him to show me what the other arcane buttons on this thing do. It’s a free theme and I’m getting all the value out of it that I can!

Feature image: Duesenberg.

* Those of you who are Barry McKenzie fans may want to salute now…



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