Clickless And Clueless

My new lens arrived last week and I am not sure whether to be delighted or disappointed. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing on eBay but I had been tinkering with the idea for some time.

It is a silver-coloured 25mm Chinese lens with a Fujifilm X mount at the rear. It is well made and looks good on the silver Fujifilm X-T10 camera for which it was purchased. It also seems to perform reasonably well – there is plenty of contrast and only the barest amount of softness in the very corners of the frame. There is a little vignetting, but that does not detract from the pictorial qualities of the lens.

The lens has no autofocus, though there is a scale for focusing. At least the helix is smooth. There is also no click-stopping on the aperture ring…and it goes from f: 1.8 to f: 16. It is a little disconcerting to turn that ring and to hope for a consistent aperture.

The focusing is no problem when wide open as the Fujifilm cameras have effective focus aids with digital split images or colour highlighting. Mind you, you do forget to focus and sometimes end up with fuzzy results – likewise you forget to stop down and lose depth of field.

I have decided to leave it at home for my upcoming tourist trip and practise with it more in the studio until I am confident of the sharpness and look of the images. Travel needs quick reaction and a new lens may not give it. I believe it may be a  good thing for video due to the smooth nature of that aperture ring. Never taken a video in my life…

Well, we live and learn. At $99 it is not a bank breaker even if it is not a field special…the focal length may be perfect for tabletop car shots.

ADDENDUM: Here it has taken a toy car shot. There is a good deal of period atmosphere in it. I think my misgivings were unfounded… disregard the first sentence of this column.


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