I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blogger

Well that was a revelation.

As I explained in a previous post, the firm that I write a commercial weblog column for has just changed the mechanism for publication from Google’s Blogger to WordPress. The graphic designer that they employ to do their layout work turned it over and I went to see him re. the switchover in my iMac and iPad. I was dreading a technical flogging…and got exactly the opposite.

He took me through the upmarket theme that he had designed and showed me the points of operation that would be best for me it do. We devised a password that works for me and I fed in a pre-written notice to the customers. And that was it – the thing worked first time.

I must say I admire a person who can explain things well. It is also a mark of professional character when they do so with patience and tact. Hunt Ng has been associated with the best of the branding decisions of the past few years in regard to this firm and I can see now why his firm is sought for other graphic jobs.

I was most impressed.


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