The Pressure To Look Good Vs The Pressure To Do Good

See if you have been here before…

I was engaged in film photography for a long time with the 35mm camera. I went from a basic SLR to a sophisticated RF to a sophisticated SLR. Then to a sophisticated medium-format SLR. Then to a basic LR monorail. Then to a sophisticated LF technical camera.

Then digital came in and I started working in a camera store.

I started out with a basic DSLR. Then a sophisticated DSLR. Then a basic digital compact. Then a basic mirror-less. Then a sophisticated digital compact. Then a sophisticated mirror-less.

And now I am going on holiday with a basic mirrorless and one lens…and all the former film gear and DSLR gear is gone  – and most of the mirrorless stuff is sitting in the studio or home locked cabinets. It gets trotted out for paid work and earns its keep and then goes back in the cabinets.

The results from the holiday will be just fine. I won’t look good, cool, professional, or hip. I will look like a gawking tourist. But I will bring back blog images that can drop right into these pages and say just what I like.

When in doubt – simplify. When given a choice between new equipment or a new experience, take the experience and shoot it with the gear you are familiar with. When cocktail hour rolls around stop shooting and look for the bar snacks.


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