The Uncomfortable Results

The experiments that I made in the last couple of weeks with a reconditioned mirror-less camera have been written up for the commercial weblog column and published. But there is nothing to stop me reviewing my conclusions here.

The tests were made in the studio and out in the garden – of the two, the studio is much the preferred space. There is controlled light and no wind…or ants…to disrupt the shooter. And I am much more interested in model cars than aphid-filled rose bushes.

The conclusion that I came to about this basic camera is that it produces superb results in a convenient manner. While I needed to do some fast learning when trying to find the position of the controls, I was able to wring out perfectly good images quickly. The differential between the controls and instructions between the Olympus brand and the Fujifilm brand is actually quite wide, but none of the decisions you make are permanent or fatal.

The reconditioned aspect is the bit that will baulk most enthusiasm – that and the fact that the camera is a couple of models back in the Olympus line. People are biased toward the newest of the new and will make any number of excuses to themselves about spending money. In this case, it is not necessary – this camera and lens combination is about $ 524 or so and represents good value for money in today’s market. The buyer may get a mangy box but the warranty is strong and valid.

Uncomfortable results? With good pictures? Well, if you are the sort that equates expense with technical achievement you may well regard these cheaper lines from Olympus as a shadow on your judgement. A criticism of your wealthy tastes. A reminder that good need not always be held away from the masses by wealth.


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