Pig In A Fit Day

Today is named in honour of a delightful phrase used by the photographic writer Roger Hicks. I think he used it in a book on rangefinder cameras when he wished to introduce the subject of plastic resin filters. He was quite happy using them but conceded that there were other photographers who were not…and who kicked up such a fuss at the thought that they were like pigs in a fit. The phrase and the image has stayed with me for years.

Pig In A Fit Day is dedicated to all the photographic enthusiasts – amateur and professional – who concentrate very hard upon getting perfection and owning the most complex equipment. The ones who agonise over a moulding bubble in a lens, or a speck of imaginary dust on an element. The ones who raise a shindy if you suggest that they use a secondhand camera. The ones who demand that the president of the camera company personally apologise to them for a hot pixel.

The ones who lose sight of fun and sensibility and value…and who act like pigs in a fit.

You are legion and legends…bacon without the savour.



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