When The Icon Speaks

It must be a difficult thing to be a photography icon. Particularly in the digital age…you are forced to be an iCon and that means charging your batteries constantly. If you are an international iCon you’ll end up with a bag full of mains adapters…

And what about being at the pinnacle of the industry? Like lots of other elevated positions, such as sitting on your high horse, you are in a situation where people can see right up your nose…and get right up it, too.

I am prompted to this reflection by a post about a photographer who has been hailed by his trade association as the individual of the year. He takes a nice picture and is a pleasant person to talk to, but sometimes seems a little wary when you encounter him in the camera shop. Perhaps that is just weariness. A day of non-stop creativity followed by a night of non-stop conviviality must eventually tell upon the most rugged of iCons,

And it cannot be good for the nerves, not to mention the character, to reflect that the trade association that declared you to be descended from Heaven this year will appoint your successor next year with as little notice of you as they took of your predecessor this year.

Ask not for whom the shutter clicks, for it clicks for thee…


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