Update To the Drone Question – From The Supreme Court Of the US

A previous post told of the changes to the drone registration by the FAA in the United States and a subsequent announcement from the Chinese makers of the things that they were taking control of products already in use…but here is another report from DP Review about a Supreme Court ruling in an entirely different matter.

See if you can see a link.

The Lexmark people, who make toners for laser printers, sought to stop people from turning their depleted cartridges in to shops who do refills and then getting a secondhand cartridge back at a lower price. Rather like the gas bottle exchange service that many petrol stations have. Lexmark wants people to buy new toner cartridge.

The legal mechanism that they wished to invoke to do this involved both contracts and patents, with Lexmark asserting that these should stop the trade in secondhand cartridges.

Nope, sez the SCOTUS. They have drawn a line between a seller and the goods once the goods are paid for and have refused to dictate to the buyer how they will deal with or trade in the goods thereafter.

I wonder if there will be a similar protest about the way that electronic firms control processes and products downstream of the actual retail purchase? We will wait and see. I’m pretty confident that the four-battery plastic radio that I listen to in my workshop is going to be free from interference, but only if there are no thunderstorms…


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