Don’t be put off by the title of this post – you won’t be asked to look at anything horrible. It’s a pun on the word ‘ peal ‘.

Because that’s what the outer covering of my latest camera is doing. I’ve got one of the Fujifilm X-T10 mirror-less bodies to accompany my stable of Fujifilm lenses and just this month the rubber grip covering that goes over the right side of the body has started to bubble and lift off. It hasn’t completely detached but I don’t feel like giving it a smart tug in case it does.

This is disconcerting but not new. It was the same with the Nikon D300 camera that I bought new some years ago. The texture of the soft rubber was great to hold but susceptible to lifting up after about two years of use. I paid to have a new set of grips stuck onto the camera but there was no guarantee that this replacement would not do precisely the same thing.

I was informed that it was a lottery – some people had the sort of perspiration that would cause the fault and some did not.

I never heard of a similar thing where Canon, Sony, and Leica were concerned…though I must say that the Vulcanite rubber of the film M cameras had a tendency to chip around the lugs that held the bottom plate. Occasionally the leatherette of a film Hasselblad would peel, but you just stuck it back down.

The replacement of the D300 rubbers was simple, but had to be done with fresh parts that had some sort of double-sided tape pre-fixed to the grip. I am loathe to send the X-T10 away or to pay for fresh parts for something that may happen again.

I intend to ignore it or wrap the body in a cheap Chinese leather half-case to disguise the bump. If it becomes bad I will reach for the Selly’s contact cement and stick it down myself. Prising it apart in the future for service may not be as elegant but that is a chance that can be taken. I’ll bet that the X-T2 and X-Pro2 have none of these problems.





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