The Dread Day Approaches

I am in a quandary with my commercial writing at present.The firm that I write columns for is selling and renting an extremely expensive camera system by one of the Japanese makers. They wish to alert their clientele to it, but several months have elapsed since it was released…so it is not hot news.

It is not cheap news either…medium format never has been. The market will be limited to professionals who have a genuine need for it and dilettantes who don’t. And there are far fewer of the former than the latter. They are easier to address, as most of the conversation can be factual rather than fictional…numbers can be cited and laboratory measurements put forward for comparison with some degree of assurance that they will understood. Or put crudely, you don’t have to gush. ut most of them have spent most of their professional money already and changing systems in a business that wants to make a profit is a parlous affair at best.

Trouble for me is I have never held one of the devices, much less tried it out in photography. I have no more need or business using one than if it were a professional video camera…or for that matter a four-gang plough. I am going to have to rent it out of the shop, think up some form of testing for it that will approximate business usage, and then say something appropriate. I hope I can figure out a new theme for this one.


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