The Rumour Mill – When It Rains, It Pours

It would appear that a number of people have concluded that Nikon is going to be taken over by Fujifilm. Based upon reports in a slightly obscure Japanese financial paper. And Panasonic is going to stop making cameras. And Pentax, Ricoh, and any number of other makers are struggling.

And Olympus is beset by bad accounting and will fold up like a paper crane. Oh, wait. That was the rumour from about 5 years ago – before they powered onwards and produced their brilliant current series of micro 4/3 cameras and lenses.

Sorry, folks. We’ve just been through an American presidential election where the news that flashed over the internet  daily was concocted by teenagers in Macedonia. It has dulled our susceptibility as well as our sensitivity. Some of us would doubt a locomotive if we were tied on the railroad tracks.

Of course, most of the manufacturers don’t help – what with their pre-release pre-show pre-season previews …of things that are currently residing in the designer’s mechanical pencil. They are driven by the advertising departments, which are in turn driven by the accounting department. Who or what drives the accounting department is uncertain, but we have seen the pentagrams and burnt-out candles on the floor of the lunchroom and drawn our own conclusions…

For my part, I have looked carefully at the rumours, the language in which they are couched, and the sources that are hinted at…and have decided to invest heavily in the Morton or Saxa company, as salt sales are bound to rise.



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