Pre – Order To Sign Up To Kickstart Yourself

And if you want to know where to kick, we can provide a chart. The place to begin is right where you keep your wallet…because that is precisely the area in which the retail trade takes most interest.

I see yet again that a vaunted camera by a prestige maker is not quite ready for delivery…but you can pay money to the company who promises to make it for the right to pay more money to them. And you’ll be first in line to believe in the legend of the lost camera of the Ruhr. Do you believe? Do you believe? GIVE ME AN AMEN IF YOU BELIEVE! Otherwise just give me your money…

In a world that apparently includes such business deals as a Chinese drone maker taking over Hasselblad, then telling people to send them their data or be frozen out of the product they bought, and Nikon supposedly being cozened by the Japanese government to go partners with Fujifilm…I should be hesitant to put a nickel on the counter for the promise of a postage stamp, let alone thousands of dollars for the promised privilege of spending tens of thousands of dollars. I have no confidence at all in my ability to pick which walnut shell the new camera body is under.

But then I am of little faith these days. What Tom Paine did for religious belief, the internet has done for my confidence in the camera trade. I believe what I see and touch, and in extreme cases require it to actually work in front of my eyes before I contemplate owning it. In two cases in the past three years I have been handed a device but told not to try firing the shutter as it was not quite ready to work. It was, however, ready to be pre-paid. In another case a complete line of cameras and lenses were introduced, then whisked away in less than a year by a company that decided to vanish.

I am going to have to devise a new word to describe the sort of business shuffling that modern photography is introducing…the sleight-of-wallet tricks. Perhaps we should call it prestodigitalisation. ” Now you see it, now you don’t ” may be updated to ” Now you don’t see it, now you don’t “…





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