One Ring To Rule Them All – Part Two – The Good News

Here is a cheerful dawn after a night of discontent – there may well be a compromise that will satisfy the soul. A lens that you can clap onto your camera at the start of the year and not unclap. Note: unclapping is what you do when you go to an amateur dramatic production and it is really bad…

I am going to test out a new-to-me Fujifilm lens this coming weekend at the hot rod show. While it has been on the market for a couple of years, I have never yet shot a frame with the Fujifilm 16-55mm f:2.8 WR lens. I get to borrow one on the strength of a series of shop columns I intend to write.

The lens promises much for the following reasons:

a. It goes slightly wider than the 18-35 I already own. Enough to allow me to approach the dance stage closer and have less distance to project flash light – hence I may get more light on stage and be able to use a smaller working aperture.

b. It may well have enough magnification to do even the back rows of the dancers – given that I can use a lower ISO and enlarge them a little more in the post-processing.

c. It might gain this magnification without the extremes of distortion that the longer zoom lens evinces.

d. Having a constant 2.8 aperture may let enough light into the sensor to gain reliable auto-focus in the dance theatre. Maybe not – Some of the Perth stages are lit by glow-worms…

e. While it is a handful, it is still shorter than the 18-135. Without a lens hood, it may be short enough to allow an on-camera flash to be used effectively at close range without a shadow. We shall see…

f. It stays within the optical finder’s framing lines. The 16mm may even be wide enough to allow car interior shots – no more changing to the 14mm f2.8 in dusty environments just to get the wide effect.

I will have to carefully experiment to see if it is suitable for tabletop – still won’t be a macro setup, but perhaps close enough to satisfy toy car shooting.

The thought of selling off three lenses and just using one is very attractive – my days of wanting to go out with a giant bag of glass and juggle it in the dark, in a crowded hall, are long behind me. I would not consider a digital super zoom compact camera as they have too few manual studio features to satisfy me, but this 16-55 f.2.8 does sound attractive.





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