Treading On Toes For Fun And Profit

I am not a monster. I do not set out to deliberately offend people, with the possible exception of a nephew in law or two. I take people at face value until they prove to either have more than one or none at all. Even then I treat them civilly. Current legislation prevents me from treating them militarily…

But I stray… A recent weblog column written in a series upon a particular camera and lens was complimentary about the equipment – after all it is a sales column – but made fun of a local tourist attraction for not being open to attract tourists. Boy, was that a mistake.

Someone who loves that attraction read the column and wrote into the Facebook link, enraged at my article. I’m afraid I  did not have the grace or good sense to apologise profusely to him, but merely passed it off with the excuse that it was my own folly, and not that of the shop that publishes the column. I did make fun of myself at the same time, but I’m willing to bet the chap that got angry won’t see the humour of it.

In truth, he has as much right to like the place as I might have done, had they been open, and as H.L, Mencken wrote, he may be correct in doing so. I hope he keeps reading the column and recovers his good humour…with a bit of luck I will write something that tickles him. Or he may be fortunate enough to be in the street to watch when I get hit by a falling piano.

Anything to oblige the audience.



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