Breaking News – Then Gluing It Back Together Again

One of the major camera companies is releasing the Mark II version of a Mark I camera. This is considered to be breaking news, apparently. At least according to some of the camera stores on-line.

I am not sure if they have electronic versions of WAR DECLARED  typeblocks in their computers, but I get the feeling that if they do we will be seeing 500pt headlines and extra editions on the street at fifteen-minute intervals. Nurses will be standing by in case camera enthusiasts faint from the stress. Stray dogs will be shot.

The actual camera is quite nice, as was the Mark I and as are all the other products of this firm. This new one is a little bit more than the previous model in some areas and will cost a lot more of your money. Some of the local and international stores are inviting you to give them pre-order cash to make sure that you are the first kid on the block with one, which tells us a great deal about them and a certain amount about you. 1440 new customers per day…

You are, of course, free to go into our local shops and tell the staff that you can get it in a day from New York and at 1:12th of the local price. The staff of the stores are, of course, free to tell you that you are a damned liar and to go sling your hook. Nothing really changes in the camera trade except the packaging…




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