Mean Fun On A Cold Day

It is a cold and wet day here in Perth. Going outside is miserable, driving anywhere is chaotic, and planning any activity pointless. Is it any wonder that I am sitting in front of a keyboard in a warm room tapping away. I’ve already made as much good sense as I can for the day and it is time to make trouble. Thus my on-line search for bad words and bad photographers.

There is no shortage of either on the net. A quick search of ” bad language ” or ” bad photography ” yields all you need for a bad time. When they bad…they bad…

But I tried coupling a bad word with some of the more famous names on the net to see what the search engine would yield. The F bomb was chosen and inserted in between a first name like ” Ken ” and a last name like ” Rockwell “, for example. A search engine will come up with something no matter what you type in – I was just curious to see what opinion it had.

Well, Ken was no problem. He popped right up, as did his detractors. I would hazard a guess that a lot of people know him by a middle name that is not on his birth certificate. It probably doesn’t bother him. As long as they read his advertisements they can call him any name they like.

I then tried out a few of our local photo-heros – AIPP bigwigs, mentors, legends, icons, and superstar ambassadors. Most of them came out slick and clean – no association at all. All except one. He seems to have attracted the word like a boiled lolly attracts lint. I doubt I shall be able to meet him in the future without thinking of this and I am going to have to bite my lip most of the time.



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