Have You Jumped Ship?

In my time behind the counter in the retail photo trade I met many people who shifted from one camera to another. You might say we encouraged it to sell cameras and lenses…in truth we did not have to. People were all too ready to ditch the familiar for the exotic. In many cases it was just a matter of adjusting the price and bringing the boxes down from upstairs.

Of course sometimes it was just exchanging an older body for a newer one…and the same could happen with lenses. Sometimes a whole new combo was decided upon but the user wanted to stay with the maker that they were familiar with.

But occasionally the photographer wanted to shift an entire system off to the secondhand shelves and replace it with the rival’s equipment. And I saw one individual do this twice in the space of two weeks. From N to C and then back to N…each time losing more money in the trade-ins than my whole outfit cost. I suspect that the same person made it happen again a few years later when the mirror-less cameras started to get good. I shudder to think what happens with clothing, furniture and motor cars…

For some, a major jump is impelled by business. One chap entered into professional sports shooting with an organisation that demands certain bodies and lenses as a condition of employment. Others have found that a quantum jump in camera performance has left their business out of the client’s loop and they have had to jump back in at enormous expense. I feel their distress. I was caught by equipment replacement in dentistry and it more or less removed the profit.

Others can find that the increasing size and weight of equipment is in direct opposition to their strength and fitness. I found that the Nikon system was just getting too heavy and cumbersome for me for long affairs and opted to try a mirror-less system as a replacement. It worked very well, though I am just now getting to grips with some of the action shots that the Nikon took in stride.

I have not got either the angst or the money to change off to anything else now…I shall delight myself by making what I do have work better – and the camera maker is always developing new firmware updates that improve the system.


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