Wired To The Eyeballs

You can get wired in a lot of places. Auto electricians and coffee shops come readily to mind and I am sure there must be others. But one place that makes it difficult is a camera shop.

Oh, you can buy accessory cables that connect your camera to your laptop so that you can pull both of them down on the floor together in a dark studio…and you can buy PC cables to do the same thing to studio strobes. If you want to save time you can  go into the place in the morning and throw everything on the floor yourself and then just sit there and drink.

But the cable that we really need is the one from the speedlight  to the hot shoe of the camera so that we can hold the thing out at arm’s length and take a TTL shot. and it needs to be light enough and flexible enough to do with one arm.  There are a number of these available as accessories from different makers, but they all have one flaw…the coiled cord is thick and unwieldy. And the connectors at the ends of the cord are about double the size they need to be.

Design idea for the camera makers: produce a battery grip accessory much like the ones you make right now for many mirror-less and DSLR cameras with some basic firing controls and space for an extra battery…but put a second TTL hot shoe  👠 on the right hand side of the grip so that it is upright and functional when the camera is being held in the portrait position. All the shadows will then be kindly and properly oriented. If you coiled up about a foot of thin wire in there on a reel and let the hot shoe out as a hand-held connector for the flash gun, working pros would buy it in a flash.

Pun intended. Come on Acme.


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