The Landscape Artist Speaks

And what does he say?

“Aaaaaarrrgh! My leg/back/fingers/feet/skin/wallet! They’re broken/sore/cold/wet/missing! Aaaaaarrrgh! ”

About the only painful thing that a landscape photographer misses out on in comparison to a studio shooter is the opportunity to clothesline themselves on a sync cord in a darkened room. In every other division of misery they have the game won.

The fact that they keep the good landscapes a long way away is neither here nor there…it is all there. The philosophical landscape shooter will try to reflect that they were going to have to spend money on petrol anyway, even if it was just to go to the liquor store, and the time spent driving through the freezing rain to get to the deserted beach was an ideal opportunity to practise zen meditation. This will be of immediate benefit when the shooter steps out of the car into the horizontal sleet. The studio worker will have to cope with finding an unbroken biscuit to go with their hot cup of chocolate.

The outdoors type also has the advantage that there is frequently a category set aside for them in the monthly club competition. Of course they will be struggling for recognition against other rugged individualists who have all gone to the same stretch of beach or up the same mountain. In some cases one photographer features in the image taken by the next one, and not just lying broken at the bottom of the cliffs – people ask others to pose at the scenic lookout pointing to the horizon. It is considered art,

The great advantage that landscape photographers have over product or portrait workers is that they can make use of striking formats. The vertical portrait at 4:5 is static…it doesn’t even get lively at 4:6. But the landscape shooter can roll it out to 7:16, 9:16, or even wider. ” Never mind the quality, feel the width. ” is not just in the rag trade.The only time portraitists get to go to those extremes is when they are photographing Queensland Ministers for Roads…

Another good thing for the landies…their best lenses are generally short prime affairs that can be light and portable. Of course they may, at the same time, be forced to carry a tripod the size of a mobile phone tower…but then they can take comfort from the fact that it only needs to be hauled up a mountain on the shooter’s back once. It can be pushed over the side and gravity will take it down to the bottom again.

You get to learn all the tricks of the trade eventually.




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