What To Do Until The Doctor Comes

Lie there and look at the ceiling, mostly. Think of the Empire. Fantasize. Moan a little. He’ll come eventually…

What to do in the studio until the weather warms up? Tabletop photos. Still life photos. Catalog photos. Art photos.

If you ever wanted to be a 1920’s avant garde photographer, now is the time. All you need is one light, a few sheets of cardboard, and a nude woman – preferably one with bobbed hair. If she is thin you can pretend to be Dritikol and if she isn’t you can pretend to be Rubens. If you can’t find a model you can do selfies. Or go to the IGA and buy some capsicums. Hey, Weston did…

I like to make my own townscapes – and the town I scape is Wet Dog, Alberta – Home of the Wet Dog Hosers.

I am assisted in this by hobby shops and builder’s warehouses all over Australia. And the skills of my frend Igor, who kindly agreed to build me a grain silo and many other models as well. I have been able these last few days to draw together many of the plans that have been formulated in the last two years, and have come to set out the main business district of Wet Dog. I have more detailed images of several local businesses and will start on the RCAF station shortly.

The best discovery in making the images is the advice of Steve Sint about product illustration holds perfectly true for small townscapes – particularly when there is only one sun and one sky illuminating the scene. It took me years of photography to realise that he was right.

The joy of this sort of thing is that the town can be as built as you like, without reference to a county council or local building regulations. You want a pig-rendering establishment next to the school? No problems. You want to run the CPR through CNR teritory? No problems.

Wait until the northern winter. IGA not only sell capsicums, they sell corn flour….




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