Are You Professional Enough?

” Are you professional enough to buy our new camera and lenses? Can we taunt you into dropping $ 18,000 into our laps by showing you rather nice pictures taken by people who we tell you are professionals? Do you dare risk being left behind? Aren’t you a little worried about it? Can we increase that anxiety?  Tell us how to help you reach for your wallet. ”

I’m a little new to the advertising industry and this was my first advertising copy written for the Flapoflex Corporation when they wanted to introduce their new Micro Medium Photographic Imaging System. The System, consisting of a camera in a cardboard box, was scheduled for release at Photokina 2026 but the advertising department decided to bring the schedule forward. The fact that they have not built the factory for the new production line is neither here nor there. They haven’t bought the land for the factory either.

I’m not sure if I have quite captured the magic of the new product. To be fair, the only illustration that they provided of the design was drawn on the back of a cocktail napkin and the lens mount looks as if it was done with a coffee cup stain, so there may be some revisions before it actually goes out over the counter. It is brave of Flapoflex to think this far ahead with their production plans. Most manufacturers would at least have wanted the radioactive floodwaters to recede from the swamp before announcing the launch party.

But back to professionalism. In an industry that has made it possible for every twenty-year-old arts graduate to be a wedding photographer/McDonalds server the promotion of professional behaviour seems a little odd. It argues an exclusivity that the camera makers do not want to take hold, as well as a dangerous risk of actual qualification, examination, and certification for the photographers. In a worst-case scenario, this governing job might even become the job of Government…and then who the hell will they sell the new DSLR’s to? Promoting professional behaviour is like fixing a gunsight on the golden goose.

I am going to re-write it. I think something about unicorns and mystic dawns will do the trick. If Flapoflex will co-operate and paint the prototype pink and blue I think we can do it. If the worst comes to the worst, we can sell it to Mattel for use as a Barbie accessory.


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