Please Hold While We Connect You To…

To an electrical generator and turn the handle. It worked for the CIA, it will work for us…

Ringing up for help in the photography world is somewhat akin to asking for help in your local church, mosque, or temple. Light a candle, put a few coins in the box, and settle down on your bum, knees, or face to wait for a response. Remember that ” No ” is a perfectly valid answer…

I have rung up help lines before. We all have. Whether it was Centrelink, the vacuum cleaner repair shop, or The Poisons Advice Centre, we knew we were in for a wait. And that we were going to be referred to other people in the chain. And that at some stage of the game the call would be lost in a Beep-Beep-Beep signal, and would have to be started again. We knew we were eventually going to be transferred to Queensland, or India, or to someone named Jayden K. Smith…

Well, I have been in luck. This weekend I purchased my way to a year’s worth of Photoshop Creative Cloud. I am not that creative, or cloudy, but I was finally persuaded to the move by having to hand-correct 600 raw images from a hot rod show…one by rotten one…and it nearly broke me. I love the camera and lens that took them, and the picture files themselves, but I needed the batch processing and work flow of Lightroom. The only way I was going to get it was to buy the latest subscription.

The Photoshop app loaded and worked very well. The Lightroom one did not. Fortunately, the enthusiastic professional photographer who had given up time on Saturday to show me the error of my ways was able to give more time on Sunday to show me the error of Adobe’s ways. And eventually, on the 5th fix of a series of fixes…it was fixed. I dips me lid to a person who knows what to do and has the kindness to treat gently with a person who does not. I was dreading having to deal with an official Adobe consultant on-line or on the phone.

So here is to a year of learning about the new programs. And I must send a suitable present to the rescue man.



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