Not Lying To Me – Not Lying To You

Look at the featured image. It is a simple thing taken in the car park of the Rosehill Racecourse at the NSW Hot Rod Show – a desirable event to visit for the future.

It’s a Mitsubishi Sigma – an early one – and not that common a sight at hot rod events. Most people try to make their personal vehicles from Australian or US cars. This one is not on the show floor, but I really think it could be. It is delightful.

Delightful, mind, for the car enthusiast who deals in Asian prototypes done in street machine style. Others will cavil and grizzle and press their own automotive agendas. Good luck to them, I like it.

The real reason it is appearing in this column rather than my other one, is that it represents the first file converted through my new subscription to Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Heretofore I have been using restricted programs – Silkypix, Aperture, Photoshop Elements, old Lightroom – and working around all the obstacles that this created. Eventually the work-rounds were not able to do the job, so I bit the bullet and subscribed to the latest package.

At least I can say that my previous experiences have taught me things. Not enough things, mind, but I have gotten off the ground and can climb to cruising altitude in the next few months. This pic of the Sigma represents exactly what I saw on the day, and I am going to keep it in front of me to remind myself that the real object of my photography and presentation is not to show you how artistic either I or Adobe can be – it is to present the reality that other people live. Not sad or bad reality – but real cars, real buildings, and real people.

PS: I can be bribed to PS you 40 kilos thinner and 30 years younger. But IT WILL COST…


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