Adolescence For the Third Time

I had one adolescence a long time ago…and a second, a digital adolescence, in 2008. Now I get to do a Photoshop adolescence this year, and it looks as though I am starting out strong. I am hoping for night sweats, pimples, and embarrassing swellings.

And just like the last two occurrences, I have to find it all out for myself. I have been encouraged to look at suggestive videos on You Tube…suggesting ways that I can move pixels about. This is fine, but there is bound to be a gap between what I see some slick on the screen do and what I can remember by the time I get back to the computer, and into that gap will fall most of the new tricks. I really do need to find out how to do it for myself.

This evening’s exercise has been to cut out an image that is not on a good backdrop. I think the PS controls did it better than the PSE ones, but I’ll reserve judgement until I have done more. The colour controls are much of a muchness in the two programs, and I see that they have included a useful selection of trees in the PS filters. Other people may be nonplussed by these but I am delighted – I can see many dioramas that will get good forests that I can not afford to buy in the hobby shop. About four good shots and the darn thing pays for itself.

Tomorrow will be the acid test for new RAW files from different makers. I can cope with Fujifilm…can it do Panasonic and Canon? If so, my shop weblog columns will get more professional images as illustration and I will up my prices.

Not my tastes, mind. Still the same stuff that makes me happy….but in more refined colour.

Featured Illustration – Caddy at Sydney – hijacked to the PS Desert…


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