” You Deserve The Best “

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone says this to you they are never offering you a free gift or service. They are never offering you love…or praise. They are flattering you so that you will buy the most expensive product in their range. They are cozening you to give them more money.

Now the fact that they are using the word ” best ” means that there are at least three choices in the offing; either a good, better, best trio or a worst, acceptable, best one. You may need to remember that state government law requires any goods you buy to be of workable quality and suited for the task for which they are sold. They must also last at least a year, and in the case of expensive goods, for a great deal longer than that. You have guaranteed legal rights to ensure this…making the good, better, best line a little unnecessary.

The flattery implied in the ” You ” is patently false. The salesperson would say it to a duke or a dustman to get the sale. No-one is so unique as to be the best, though there are still people walking about that could well do with floggings or a halter.

As far as deserving things…well, privilege is a wonderful thing, to the privileged. It rankles everyone else. It is generally attached to the possession of money, and the very oddest thing about this sales pitch is that it attempts to equate losing a larger portion of that money…in exchange for the best of the goods…with righteousness and goodness. Spend more to get more admiration from the person who takes the money away from you…

And you deserve that admiration.


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