No Lights! Hardly Any Camera! Some Sort of Action!

I walked through my former place of employment recently while a small advertising video was being filmed. I was taken aback by the lack of…

a. Lack of lighting. No extra lights – just the normal shop lighting turned on. Lighting that includes every colour temperature from a warm sponge to a lightning bolt. I’ll bet there are going to be some interesting colour casts on the final product. Or maybe not…

b. Lack of camera. Well, not a complete lack…but the old days of a big Arriflex or Bolex…or an equally big Sony or other video rig…seem to be gone. For a shop that tries to sell extras and fancy cameras, it was a little disconcerting to see the advertising business being done on a little Panasonic mirror-less with one extra microphone.

c. Lack of script. To be fair, perhaps the chap doing the talking had memorized a complex presentation and was word-perfect in it. Or perhaps he was winging it harder than a hummingbird…

d. Lack of silence. This was all being conducted in the full blare of normal business, which in my former place of employment generally sounds like field manoeuvres by the Hungarian Bicycle Corps.

At least I did recognise one feature – they used a medium-sized Manfrotto video tripod to hold the Panasonic. So the technical side of cinematography is not dead. Or if it is, at least there is some hope for gainful employment for the zombies.

Breaking news! It’s just too funny. I looked at the advertising Facebook site and saw the video. And there I am, walking through the background with a cardboard box full of books for an upcoming promotional day. Now I am going to hang around a soda fountain in hopes of being discovered by a talent scout. If worst comes to worst at least I can get a chocolate soda.

Featured Image: Ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille…



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