Making The Grade As A Wannabe Faux-tographer

Or ” How I get up the nose of the rest of the trade “.

Every trade, profession, craft, art, or racket has a full spectrum of participants…and they, in turn, have a variety of attitudes. This includes seriousness, exclusivity, self-righteousness, and greed – and other traits…some of them negative. Any individual who refers to themselves as, say, a photographer, or airplane engine mechanic, or edible bead maker may be either a shining light in their own field – or a grim shadow.

I like to think of myself as the latter. It is not a negative thing – indeed I strive to be positive. A positive disgrace, if I can manage it. My chief weapon in this is a sense of humour. And as I am not fussy who I attack with this, I can laugh at myself with as much pleasure as at others.

My most recent amusement was taken watching someone try to prevent unauthorised copying and use of their images on the internet. It was a social media site and they were willing to show the pics but attached dire warnings to people not to copy them or use them. They might just as well have sat at the edge of the sea and commanded the tide to retreat. I once tried this but found that I was just making a Cnut of myself…

A far better ploy would be to supply unique and attractive images that would be sure to prove irresistible to the copiers, and to let the social media site scatter them out as bait. Then use one of the net-scouring programs to find out who has appropriated them. Then get a Bettacall Saul to send threatening letters and emails demanding payment. In most cases it would yield nothing, but in some it would frighten or pester out some form of payment. And there you have it…beer money.

I’ll drink to that.



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