I Dare Not Tell

As part of my work writing columns for a camera shop, I take out several pieces of equipment every week and put them through their paces. The paces are pretty tame as I do not wish to risk the gear climbing mountains or dodging street fights. But if science, art, and commerce can be served in a warm studio with a cup of coffee and a plate of biscuits, I am as good a columnist as the next man.

But what do I do?  I took out two cameras that might well serve the same customer, took pictures with them, and found that the images from one are markedly inferior to the other… Both makes are world-famous and both are easy enough to use – but one has sacrificed the quality of the information it gathers for a number of novelty specifications, and the results show it. I was reluctant to queer the pitch for the firm as they make other fine equipment, and treat people well…

I the end I decided to present the final pictures as a mixture but did not identify which took which. The people who fancy the extra bells and whistles can be pleased by them and the ones who use the plainer device can have the nicer pictures.



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