Lost Accessory

Wouldn’t it make you spit? The little red shutter button that I screwed into the Fujifilm X-T10 has unscrewed itself and gone missing. I suspect it shot off a couple of weeks ago and will not be recovered.

Not an earth-shattering loss, but rather annoying because they do make a difference in operating the camera. Not so much when it is up at eye level, but when the tilting LCD screen is acting like a waist-level finder they make it easy to fire it with your thumb.

The problem with this sort of accessory is that it depends upon force to jam something tight and to keep it there – even when the part has to do other actions that naturally unscrew it. Some of the buttons depend upon longer screw threads than others and some have rubber o-rings to squash in. But they all ned force to twist them on.

Apparently that force can also dislodge the entire shutter button assembly if it is hit from the side…so maybe losing it quietly is a better thing…In any case I will keep my eye open for and economical replacement that does not cost as much as the Leica variant of the button.

But it does rather beg the question of why the makers of the cameras could not make bigger shutter buttons in the first place and have them permanently fixed. Leica and Minolta were able to do it in the film era…as were Zeiss Ikon. C’mon Guys. Make it a feature!


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