Posing In The Nude As A Way Of Increasing One’s Exposure

Well, it would, wouldn’t it. Even if you were the accountant in a firm that sold industrial shelving systems, posing in the office in the nude would increase your exposure. Posing in the warehouse in August or out on the loading dock in a rainstorm would take that exposure to new heights. And you would have a nice story to tell the nurse in the ER as they treated you for hypothermia.

Apart from the profession of life model, there are few other opportunities to shuck the duds in normal business. For the professional model it is far more than just unzipping and sitting there – they have to be adept at finding poses that provide the artists they work for with the curves and shadows that they need – while not actually dying from cold or cramp. I’ve been told that the posing that happens in the photo studio is far easier than doing the 5, 10, or 20 minute poses that drawing studios require. I cannot imagine 20 minutes straight doing a theatrical pose – the closest I can get to immobility is when the cat sits on my leg in bed and I am too soft-hearted to kick it off. I pay for this tender kindness, as I pay for any good deed, when my leg goes to sleep and I have to get up and hop round yelping in the middle of the night. I suspect the cat knows exactly what it is doing…

Non-professional nuding is also popular, if the internet is to be believed. It still has not overtaken cat memes or the nasty swipes at Donald Trump, but nearly so. Now if they could get the President to strip off and chase a cat around the Oval Office they could probably fuse half the computers on the planet with overuse. As the administration develops, I am not entirely certain that this won’t happen.

The exposure thing is the real crux of the matter. We are constantly being bombarded by conflicting statements;

a. We, as photographers, need more ” exposure “.

b. With digital photography, we need to monitor our histograms and expose to the right.

c. The Right is viewed by the Left as evil. And vice versa.

d. We are cautioned not to work for “exposure “.

e. The people who tell us this also tell us that they work for inordinately large sums of money. They advise us to do the same, but they do not really want us to, as it would lessen the amounts available to them.

f. Or, they are lying about the inordinate sums they get.

g. ” Exposure ” never really results in any sums at all. Occasionally you get a beer or a cube of cheese on a toothpick, but it is rarely either good beer or good cheese.

h. Many times the exposure is to ridicule, and in some cases, deservedly so.

I have decided that the best way to deal with the business of exposure is to give someone the business. Either compel them to pay up or compel them to cheat someone else. I can do this with…

Wait for it…


Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to strip off to the buff and start typing…

” It was a dark and stormy night…”



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